Monthly Luncheons

Since its inception in 1964, the International Women’s Club of Thailand has promoted monthly luncheons emphasizing the fostering of friendship and understanding between women of different nationalities and promoting the cause of women worldwide.

IWC became very popular among women of all nationalities, religions and ethnic backgrounds who have learned to appreciate different cultures and respect for one another. Later, the luncheons became more interesting with monthly themes, talent performances and food festivals.

Luncheons are open to members as well as guests who would like to attend to get a feel of what the IWC is all about. IWC luncheons are entertaining and fun and are a good opportunity to socialize. Luncheons are organized at 5 star hotels, each with a wonderful ambience and a delectable menu especially chosen by our Program Directors.

If you would like to join a luncheon, please sign up with our Program Reservations Director. If you are booking for the first time, please let us know, we’ll make sure you are well seated and feel at home.

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