Membership Terms

1.    There shall be regular members, life members, honorary members, absentee members and guest members.

a.    Regular membership shall be held by those women who pay the annual dues as stated in the By Laws, at the beginning of the fiscal year.
b.    Life membership shall be held by those women who have paid a specific sum as stated in the By Laws. [No new life members shall be accepted from January 1, 1978.]
c.    Honorary membership shall be held by the wife of the current Prime Minister, the wife of the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Female Ambassadors, Past Presidents of the Club, wives of resident Ambassadors, or wives of Chargé d’affaires until an Ambassador and his wife for that country are resident in Bangkok.
d.    Absentee membership shall be granted to members who, after having notified the Membership Director in writing, will be out of Thailand for more than one year, and wish to continue their membership. During that time, no dues will be required.
e.    Guest membership shall be granted to women who are visiting Thailand for not more than three months. They shall pay a specific sum as stated in the By Laws.

2.    Transferring membership from another International Women’s Club: The applicant must have been a member in good standing of an International Women’s Club, and must fill out the proper application from. She then may be admitted directly upon presentation of former membership credentials to the Membership Director.

3.    Anyone who is willing to conform to the objectives of the Club and who is willing to contribute her time and effort to its projects shall be eligible for membership. Women desiring to become members will be required to make application for membership on the official form provided by the Club. They must be sponsored by at least two members of the Club. Any member of the Club may sponsor a maximum of two new members during a fiscal year.
4.    Termination of membership:

a.    By written resignation
b.    Any members, failing to pay her dues by January 31 of the fiscal year shall be sent a notice from the Membership Director stating that her name shall be removed from the Club Roster unless her dues are paid within thirty days.