Welcome to IWC Thailand

The International Women’s Club of Thailand [IWC] was founded in 1964, with the main objective of fostering friendship and understanding between women of all nationalities and promoting the causes of women worldwide.

The Club’s members consist of women from 70 plus countries.  Membership is open to all nationalities. For those who are new to Bangkok, this club offers the opportunity to meet ladies from a wide range of cultures and nationalities, allowing members many meaningful opportunities to broaden their circle of friends. The IWC is the right place for any woman new to Thailand.

Whether you expect to stay in Bangkok only a short time, or for an extended period, please contact us.  We will be delighted to welcome you.

Every month we have many events which will keep you interested and busy.  There are ‘Monthly Luncheons’, ‘Activities’ [visiting various places of historic and cultural interest around Bangkok and environs], ‘Getting to Know You’ [GTKY], which involves meeting with the diplomatic community and learning about their different customs and cultures, and ‘Small group activities’ [hobbies, crafts and other leisure activities].